I just wanted to share a few shots of this past weekend to celebrate the arrival of spring! I'm so frigging excited right now, it's almost time to whip the shorts out!



These photos were taken at Busosanseong Fortress, which lies within a stunning forest littered with numerous hiking trails and interesting traditional structures/artefacts. There was an eerie blanket of mist that lingered around the trees, and it made for some truly striking sights, so I immediately began to snap some pictures. The hue of the forest slowly changed following the movement of clouds and presence of sunlight, from warm oranges to bitterly cold ashy shades, I slightly enhanced these images to give them colours more definition.

It was only a day later that I discovered this beguiling mist was in fact a thick billow of smog that had been blown over from China, which makes looking back on the experience slightly less magical. 



Last week we went on a 3-day trip to Lotte Buyeo resort in Chungnam Province, Korea. The time was mostly uneventful with training workshops and the occasional meal, although my hotel room was equipped with a bathtub, a huge deal since I have been living off of showers for the past four months; a nice soak was long overdue. I just wanted to share some of these looks with you guys, especially these chic trousers (look 1) I found in Zara a couple of weekends ago. They’re part of the brands ‘black label’, or at least that’s what I think it’s called, and retail for 99,000 KRW. I love the unusual fit, length and cut, and will be taking more of my trousers to the tailors to have them altered into this style.



I have never been one to sport stripes, with vertical ones making me look even more lanky than I already am and horizontal ones making my body appear uncomfortably disproportionate, they were a common no-go. However, since moving to Korea they seem inescapable and have slowly began to get on my good side. With so many stylish designs available it's impossible not to nab some up, and now that winter is slowly creeping its way in, my new fetish for these striped knits couldn't come at a more convenient time. 

Nowhere does stripes like South Korea. 



So this past weekend I ventured to Seoul to meet up with my friends with whom I was attending Global Gathering Korea. I headed up there from Jeonju on Friday morning with the intention of exploring the city and checking out some art galleries, which, even after all this time, I am ashamedly yet to do. 

True to form, my forecasted plans for the day took a turbulent turn when I found myself in what can only be described as the apparel Holy Land of Korea, Dongdaemun (덩 대문) - a true Mecca of all things retail. It is estimated that there are around 30,000 individual stores in this area, all selling a variety of different aesthetics at a vast scope of prices. Before I knew it, dusk was upon me. I spent the whole day abusing my already bulimic bank balance, but I can't complain given the value for money!

We stayed in Gangnam, which is probably my favourite area of Seoul. The place has a whimsical charisma that I cannot quite put into words, but the best I can describe it as is East meets West - it has the buzzing energy of East Asia, combined with the quaint sophistication of Europe. Arguably the most prestigious area to live in Korea, it's understandable that anyone with a love of fashion and excess will revel here. 



This Sunday I turn 21, so I've decided to visit home for the weekend and have a break from the suffocation of my university dissertations. No big plans, just a meal and drinks with family and friends (I'll be having a delayed celebration in Mexico next month once my uni work is nothing but a distant memory). I'm hoping my birthday cards will be stuffed with cash so I can go and buy some more unnecessary items of clothing I will probably never wear.

I snapped these pictures on Instagram, just showing my causal look I tend to sport most days of the week. The bag is from River Island, and I advise NO ONE to buy it. I have only had it for about two weeks and the strap has snapped already. I took it back to the shop and the sales assistant said "it's not meant to carry anything, it's just an accessory", seriously? Dick.

Coat by Barbour; bag by River Isalnd; jeans by Topman; shoes from Asos; glasses by Police



It was just a few weeks ago now that I found myself staring into the watch displays at Selfridges. I was all of a sudden stricken by the presence of a familiar looking face shining back at me from the other side of the buffed glass boxes. It was the Casio watch. I suddenly began having a wistful run of emotions towards the retro staple, and before I knew it I was at the counter with my card at the ready. The sales assistant did her thing and then I was promptly ripped out of my nostalgic daydream when she asked me, "that will be £50 please". I was in shock. Is it just me or did these watches used to be the standard stock of 20p machines up and down the country? Despite this sudden boom in price, I bought it anyway. I couldn't help but fall for it's vintage charm, and it seems neither can the rest of you. Since buying the watch I've noticed it spring up on fashion bloggers from all over the place, its experiencing a real resurgence.

I have the one on the left. It's going for £45 on Asos, a little cheaper than mine but that's standard when buying from Selfridges, as they seem to slap that extra £5 on everything. The one on the right is a smaller version which is a bit more feminine, also on Asos for £35. To be honest I've seen them for a fraction of the price on Ebay and Amazon, but personally I am also slightly sceptical to buy things from there. 

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So this past Wednesday we decided to venture onto the Lancaster University campus to see if there were any stylish offerings trotting around the place. The weather had been considerably pleasant the last few days, so we went out feeling optimistic that there would be an abundance of snazzy students parading their quirky ensembles from lecture to lecture. However, this was not to be. It was just our luck that the weather decided to take a turn for the worse and cast a bitter chill over Lancashire, and with that our hopes to spot some killer fashion were hindered. Nevertheless we still managed to stumble across a select few who didn't let the baltic conditions and mid-year sombre stop them from looking chic.

All photography is by Lucy Lamb @lucylambphotography.co.uk
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